“Still Waters,” a short story of extinction, grief and hope, is available to read free of charge at Modern Literature. It is also part of the anthology 2047: Short Stories from Our Common Future. An educational curriculum featuring this story has been developed by Action Aid Denmark. You can find it here.

“The Goodluck Camera,” short fiction set on an unnamed island at the intersection of technology, colonialism and sea level rise, is part of the anthology Nothing Is As It Was.

“Attracting Songbirds” features an urban landscape in which people of different generations develop a friendship as they try to green their living space. It can be found in the anthology Resurrection Trust.

“Table for One,” which examines death and compost with a side of humor, received a ‘high commendation’ in the Green Stories competition and is available to read or listen to here.

The experimental flash fiction piece “The Cost of Doing Business” follows a young fund manager who questions their ability to continue business as usual when the last polar bear in captivity dies. Published by The Goose: A Journal of Arts, Environment and Culture in Canada.

In “Sworn Guardian” the future of forest preservation requires on love, water and technology in equal measure. Find apprentice firefighter Metrix in the pages of Haven’s Speculative’s “dry” issue.

When a climate-driven contagious disease threatens Seattle, Washington, midwife Sonja struggles to ensure her clients’ well-being in a situation where even sheltering-in-place can’t guarantee their safety. “Birthing in Place” was published as part of David Harten Watson’s anthology Extinction Notice: Tales of a Warming Earth.

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